Videos for social media

In Estonia about 600 000 people have a social media account and for sure most of your customers have it as well. What could be better to get customers attention than adding videos about your products or services to the social media? Use SeeSee Studio services if you want to save your time on this. We help you through the whole way, from idea to implementation: we plan how we should communicate the message to your customers, then we film and process videos, and, if necessary, we put produced videos to the right channels and keep a track of their performance.

The social media video is different from advertising video: it is more simple and easy to produce and implement, filming techniques are not that advanced and the time and availability are in focus. Therefore, production cost is usually not high.  You need to consider that news are spreading faster in (social) media. Sometimes (depending on the purpose and the circumstances), for example, a phone can be used for filming. Posting videos to a social media on a regular basis will keep your customers awareness about your product up. It is recommended to make videos on a weekly basis.

Different Social Media Video Options:

Instant – Live video – Facebook, Youtube, Instagram
Immediate (activity, news value) – Instagram, Facebook
Short-term Story (activity) – Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat
Processed (quality)
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