Portrait and fashion photography


Portrait photography is that type of photography where lighting plays a great role, as well as background and composition to be able to capture a person or a group in a best and most suitable way. Portrait photos may vary from photos taken for artistic purposes to photographs used, for example, in medical research. Portrait photos are often ordered for special occasions, such as weddings, beginning of the school year and graduations. Also portrait photos are used for different purposes, starting from a web page to a personal portrait on the office wall.


Have you thought, why could not you look like a superstar? We are here to make your dreams come true. In this case, not only the presence of photographer is vital, but also a professional makeup is needed. SeeSee studio can provide you with all of this. We will make you a real superstar!

Whether it’s a portrait or a fashion shot, SeeSee makes it all possible and customer will be definitely satisfied. Fashion photo will perfectly complement your model portfolio.

Why to have a photo-session in SeeSee Studio?

  • SeeSee photographers have a more than 10 years of experience in this area
  • We use high-end photo gear
  • We are one of best equipped studios in Estonia
  • We have a friendly team
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